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Terms & Conditions

  1. Reservation Confirmation:

    • All table reservations are subject to availability and will be confirmed by the venue.

    • Your reservation is considered confirmed once you receive a confirmation email or other written confirmation from us.

  2. Guest Information:

    • Please provide accurate and complete information about the number of guests, contact details, and any special requests when making a reservation.

  3. Payment and Deposits:

    • To secure your reservation, a deposit or pre-payment may be required, especially during peak times or special events.

    • Prepayments and deposits are non-refundable. However, if you notify us at least 72 hours before the scheduled reservation, we can transfer the amount to a future date for your convenience.

  4. Late Arrival:

    • Guests must arrive within 15 minutes of their reservation time; otherwise, the table may be released, and no refunds will be issued.

  5. No-Shows:​

    • No-shows may lead to the loss of the reservation and associated payments.

  6. Dress Code and Entry Requirements:

    • Our dress code is smart casual. Avoid heavily branded items and sportswear. Entry is at the discretion of our door staff.

    • Please ensure everyone in your group brings a valid form of ID on the night.

  7. Payment Adjustments:

    • The outstanding balance must be paid in full even if the group size decreases. Any increase in your group size may require an additional payment.

  8. Group Size Limitations:

    • A maximum of 12 individuals per group is allowed per table. For groups exceeding 12 people, we will arrange for two (or more) adjoining tables subject to availability.​

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